Helping Children

Dear Friends,
This past year was a fantastic year for the children of Casa Foundation and their programs. We are proud to announce that we served over 10,000 children and families through our medical teams, educational development and humanitarian programs. This is a great achievement with few financial resources. Our combined administrative and fund-raising costs are below 10%, which is far below most non-profits today. We thank the many volunteers that helped make this happen.

As you view our programs and projects you will see how we have developed entrepreneurial programs to help small villages move through that cycle of poverty and to provide the avenue for their children to attend school past the fourth grade. We know from experience that providing children with the opportunity to attend school, stay in school and succeed instead of dropping out to work or beg on the streets, provides them the opportunity to succeed in life.

Our children need your help.

Our philosophy is to teach how to fish rather than give them a fish. We want to develop their entrepreneurial skills to move out of that cycle of poverty as a result of the lack of education, health maintenance and micro economic programs.

Support from donors such as yourself in the way of financial assistance, materials, food, medical supplies and most important, becoming a VOLUNTEER. Becoming a volunteer provides an opportunity for children and families to break that cycle of poverty. As you view each individual project in this web site, you will see how our goal this year is to provide programs and facilities to help break the cycle of poverty through our Child Development Program, Educational and Medical Programs, Goat Program, Sewing Program, Farmers Assistance Revolving Fund, Affordable Housing Program and Clean Water Program. “Every program is uniquely designed to provide sustainable income for the family and the basic needs of survival for the children. These programs can only be attainable through your support.” said ¬†jason hope.

Thank you again for your volunteer and continued financial support. If you are not already a volunteer or donor, why not think about becoming one today. Contact us to see how YOU or your organization can get involved in helping to save the lives of so many children.

David W. Witterson
Casa Foundation